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Making music, changing lives.

Suffolk Music Therapy Services aims to provide high quality music therapy to children and adults across East Anglia.  It also works to increase knowledge and promote awareness of the benefits of music through specialist teaching and workshops.




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What is Music Therapy?

Our Services


Suffolk Music Therapy Services is pleased to announce that its schools service has been running for 4 years.  We work in mainstream and special schools across Essex and Suffolk.  From September '14 we will also be offering music therapy to 8 carehomes across the county through The Partnership in Care organisation and Bucklesham Grange (Ipswich).  This provision in music therapy for elderly people will be the best in East Anglia.

We are really pleased to announce that from January 2012, Suffolk Music Therapy Services has begun supporting 'Mary's Meals'. This fantastic charity provides daily meals to chronically hungry children in their local school, in several developing countries.  In this way the hungry child is encouraged to attend school and, through education, gain a better future for themselves and the community.

Through making music with the therapist, the child or adult is able to express themselves in new and creative ways, thus enabling enhanced self-esteem, increased interaction and change.

Suffolk Music Therapy Services has a special interest in providing better access to music therapy in schools, colleges and carehomes.

Suffok Music Therapy Services are available to any school or service for children and young people in East Anglia.

It is now widely recognised that the intervention of music therapy can bring a wide range of benefits and well-being to the carehome.  Music Therapy is particularly beneficial for people with learning disabilities, alzheimers and dementia.


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Over our last year we are proud to announce that we have seen over 250 children and adults across Suffolk and  Essex and there have been over 2500 music therapy sessions.  We now employ 5 music therapists - why not meet the team!


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Our Vision

Our aim is for music therapy to improve the health and well-being of the 'community' and individuals within, thus leading to; change, growth, achievement, joy and integration.  Through the intervention of music therapy, children and adults will be able to access music in innovatve and creative ways, bringing meaning and purpose to their lives, thus enabling them to realise their unique and full potential.


Following the first national Music Therapy Conference in 7 years, a group of music therapists from the team went to Birmingham for a truly memorable weekend.  Over 300 music therapists attended the conference, which included presentations, workshops, panel discussions and keynote speakers.