Due to the UK Government advice on the Coronavirus, many people are being asked to self-isolate.  The reason for this is to reduce the spread of the disease and protect the public.  Long-time self-isolation may be difficult and may have a negative impact on people's own wellbeing.  At Suffolk Music Therapy Services, we have put together a gallery of creative resources, therapeutic music videos and ideas that may help to improve your wellbeing. These resources can be for children and adults.  Please have a look and try something new!

Resources for Children, Adults and Families

Relaxation Video - Long Stretch

This simple relaxation video is an activity for the whole family to do together. It is simple and really easy to do and the best bit is that you will all feel totally chilled at the end! Click on the link below and have a go...

Sensory Music Story Activity - Day Out at The Beach

This sensory and music story activity has been designed to be used either by a parent/carer and child at home or as part of a Music Therapy session, led by an Online Music Therapist.

Sensory Music Story Activity - Day Out at the Zoo

This 'Sensory Music Story' has been designed to be used by a parent/carer and child at home or as part of a Music therapy session, led by a music therapist.

Music for...

We have produced a list of great music to help with movement, make you feel good and to help you relax and feel calm.  The Music list includes youtube links to all of the songs.

Our top 10 Music-making Apps for the iPad

Want to make music on your iPad. Check out our list of top 10 Music-Making apps. Whether you would like to play the electric guitar, harp or even the trombone - there's something for everyone!

Some help to start Singing!

With the help of Oli, one of our Music Therapists who works at St Nicholas Hospice, we have 2 great videos to help you get started with singing at home. Just click on the links below and start singing!

Singing Resource - Part 1

Singing Resource - Part 2

Learn to Play the Guitar

Ever wanted to learn to play the guitar. Now's the best time to start!  We have produced a great resource to get started and learn to play some familiar nursery rhymes. Go for it, find that guitar and let's get started!

Learn to play the guitar helpsheet

'Listening to Music' Resources

Listening to music is a powerful thing to do. It can make a big difference to our wellbeing and mental health.  The resource list includes several key websites that will help to inspire, comfort and motivate you through the power of music!

Saucepan and Bowl Song

Looking for a fun song to play at home but haven't got any instruments. Don't fear, we have a fab song you can have fun with at home!

 'I'm In The Mood For....' Song

This is a great action song that will get you all moving. It is really fun and Laura will show you what to do in the music video!

'Let's Sing a Song Together' Song

Do you like singing? If so, this is a lovely song to join in with.

Activity Song - Play and Stop

This is a fun and interactive activity song that you can play along with at home.